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 I had ANOTHER asthma attack this afternoon. I didn't go to hospital thankfully, the inhaler eventually worked. I over-did it on the bike.

I was late taking my friend's dog out yesterday, and now she doesn't trust me. Fucking hell, one time! I was an hour late. She kept telling me I must be up for 9:30AM, for Katy's first walk, when she goes on holiday. I'm gonna have to ask her if she still wants me to walk Katy, because obviously she doesn't trust me. But, thing is, she's booked all her holidays now, and I don't want her to have to cancel them. She had manic depression and schizoaffective disorder for many years, and has been in and out of hospital. I think she was pyschotic at one point, too. My parents keep telling me she's worried because of her past mental illnesses, and they're probably right. I feel for her, I really do, but I'm regretting agreeing to look after Katy. I care a lot for Katy, but it's clear I can't even take responsibility for a bloody dog.

Kill me now, just kill me.